If you visit Latin America, you should put it on your wish list, get to know the beautiful jungle of the great Amazon. Because in its vast habitats there is the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Peru is part of this great ecosystem, in which you can develop exploration activities and spend the night in the most eco-friendly and luxurious lodges in the world. Andean Great Treks organizes excursions to the mythical Amazonian landscape of Manu, this environment is a national park whose characteristics are incomparable since three habitats are concentrated in its territory, the first is the Subtropical Montane, which is made up of the mountains from where the mountains descend waterfalls, to later form the great rivers of the Amazon, as you go down you will find the cloud forest, the preferred habitat of high mountain monkeys, the cock of the rocks, the quetzal, the Andean bear, etc. . It is also a habitat for orchids and amphibians; many of them are considered endemic. Already reaching the lower part is the typical Amazon jungle, with its immense plains full of tropical forests, and mighty rivers. When you visit the Manu jungle, the best experience is to visit an authentic Amazon natural reserve. Where you go to know all its flora and fauna, in its wild state. This land is home to 1,025 species of birds, about 10% of the world’s bird species; 221 species of mammals (5% of the world total); more than 1,300 species of butterflies (15% of the total of the globe), 136 of dragonflies, 650 of coleopterans and more than 300 species of ants; 210 species of fish in rivers and lakes, 155 amphibians, 132 reptiles; species that were recorded by the different expeditions of naturalists, becoming the most biodiverse protected area in the world with respect to these animals. It is also the natural space of many Amazonian tribes who still preserve their culture and identity, some have not yet been contacted and live in a state of voluntary isolation. Come and visit the Manu National Park, in Cusco. Feel the purest air on the planet, explore the Amazon forest sailing in boats with the best guides and biologists specialized in ornithology, entomology, botany.