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Waqrapukara the archaeological site is located in the District of Acos, Province of Acomayo, Department of Cusco. It is strategically located joining the Apurimac valley and the Pomacanchi plateau, it is a cultural landscape with cognitive elements of wisdom and power, where two rocky protuberances rise, with an architecture camouflaged with carved stones adapted to the monument, walled with walls of semicircular containment, with stairways, trapezoidal windows and niches, enclosures, accesses to small spaces, a central plaza facing east with trapezoidal constructions with one, double and triple jambs, including a stone for ceremonies or “Waka” and a “Machay” or cave; All these elements are found at the foot of the rocky protuberances, whose architectural characteristics make us infer that this space was ceremonial and sacred and probably had other functions for its time.
This archaeological complex called Waqrapukara. According to researcher Dr. Victor Angles Vargas, etymologically it comes from two words, waqra means horn and the word pukara means fortress or barracks. In short, this word waqrapukara means fortress in the form of a horn. It was a residence of the nobility of this place; with astronomical observatories and at the same time it was a protected religious center with watchtowers and underground paths.