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Explore the best Treks in Cusco, Ausangate & Rainbow Mountain Trek, Inca Quarry Trail, Salkantay Trek,Ancascocha Trail, Lares Trek to Machu Picchu

Andean Great Treks is a trekking operator in the city of Cusco. We organize high mountain tours and treks to the best mountain destinations, where you can enjoy the best landscapes surrounded by beautiful lakes, turquoise color, and an intense blue sky. Our mission is to make you know the greatest natural paradises such as the great Ausangate circuit, where we offer you the best trekking experience, lakes of glacial origin, of different colors, likewise you will visit the mountain of colors before any traveler manages to arrive and contemplate a sunrise just for you. Another highly recommended destination is the Lares Trek circuit, where you will directly appreciate the craft and textile traditions of the people of Lares, Wacawasi, and Cancha Cancha, they are considered the last descendants of the Incas, due to their wide wisdom in all fields of Andean science, such as natural medicine, organic agriculture, and constructive technology of agricultural terraces. The Inca Quarry tour is very special for its attractive landscape, in this trek you will enjoy varied landscapes such as the Veronica snow-capped mountain, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and a direct contact with mother earth, highly respected by the Incas. .
And finally we cannot miss the other major archaeological attraction of Cusco, the fabulous Choquequirao, this jewel of the Incas, is considered one of the best trekking circuits by the National Geografic magazine, which you must visit at least once in your life. This is due to the incredible landscape where this ancient Inca city has been built. Precisely you reach Choquequirao going down the canyon of the Apurimac river, and then an ascent to the cloud forest, and once there you will enjoy the best experience, since this adventure will be worth it, there is no other similar place like this Inca palace. To all these tourist attractions, our company organizes expeditions, in small groups, and an assistance service with the best quality standards, with the best route guides, highly experienced cooks, and the best trekking equipment for your maximum enjoyment. Decide your next adventure today, and get to know these unique and mysterious beautiful places.